Explore how to develop a winning brand marketing strategy from 6 industry leaders to establish a strong identity that connects with your customers.

*Disclaimer: All speakers are confirmed but in case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances, the summit’s format or speaker lineup may be subject to change.


Today, marketing professionals face an increasing amount of data with a goal to optimize strategies for delivering revenue growth.

Through 6 strategic sessions, the insights shared by the speakers are designed to make marketers feel more at ease in making smarter branding decisions.

The Key Sessions are as follows:

Session 1:

Developing a winning brand marketing strategy: Aligning brand identity, and creative executions with the needs and wants of consumers.

Session 2:

Crafting a winning point-of purchase marketing strategy: Developing a shopper marketing plan that aligns with brand objectives, and employs effective tactics

Session 3:

Leveraging digital and social media channels: Using a variety of online tools and platforms to build brand awareness, engagement and loyalty.

Session 4:

Optimizing channels for reaching your target market: Ensuring products are accessible, and appealing at the point of sale.

Session 5:

Measuring the effectiveness of pull and push marketing: Using data to analyze and evaluate and redirect campaigns.

Session 6:

Integrating pull and push marketing: Finding synergies and opportunities for collaboration between brand and trade marketing strategies.

Join us for two half-day sessions of learning and networking.

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